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your movement

Friday 01.14.11
Mobility: Spend 10 minutes on your shoulders MWOD #40

Skill: Accumulate 2 min each of Hollow Rock and Hollow Ring Plank

8 Rounds of:
5 Power Clean (155/105#)
200m Sprint
rest 90 secs

Thursday 01.13.11
Skill: Push Jerk

Mobility: Spend 10 minutes on MWOD #28

4 Rounds of:
400m Row
5 Jerk (155/105#)
10 Strict Pull-up

Wednesday 01.12.11
Front Squat

AMRAP 12 mins:
100m Farmer Walk (50/30# DB)
15 Hollow Rock
30 Jump Squats

Tuesday 01.11.11
Skill: Rope Climb

AMRAP 15 mins:
200m Row
9 Thruster (95/65#)
18 Box Steps (95/65#)*
1 Rope Climb

*rack barbell on back for box steps

Monday 01.10.11
Back Squat


Max Handstand Hold
rest 90 sec
Max Chin Hold

Shane and James pacing each other

Freddy Camacho, of CrossFit One World, summed it up for me this week in his post How CrossFit is Ruining Your Knees. Fix Your Movement.

If you don't have any goals for 2011, or need one to move to the top of the list then make it so. All too often the intoxication of chasing performance takes over the CrossFit community and carnage is only soon to follow. Without trashing your enthusiasm, we want you to find a way to embrace the journey of perfecting your movement. Your body and coaches with thank you, and the letters P and R will become long term neighbors.

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