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Tuesday 04.23.13


The Thruster is a powerful movement that moves a weight through a large range of motion. This movement simply combines a front squat with a push press. Check out the video to see how these movements combine to form the thruster.

Requirements for the Thruster: The movement begins from a standing position with the bar racked on your shoulders. You will perform a front squat, ensuring that you reach full depth (the crease of your hip is below the top of your knee). As you stand from the squat, you will push the bar overhead, ending with the bar balanced over your heels.

Here are a few tips to perfect your thruster:

  1. Drive through your heels - as soon as you come onto your toes, you have nothing to push off against and instantly lose power.
  2. Use your hips and legs to help generate power to get the bar overhead.
  3. Have active shoulders at the top of the lift and don't leave the bar in front of you when it's overhead; pull it back over your heels.

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