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Thursday 04.11.14 – Word-Power


In the world of spam and junk mail I got something that really got my attention.   No, I didn’t buy anything I just was amused by their catchy email headline..  It read “You're fat…Go on a Diet Immediately”  followed by the tag “A Way for You to Lose a Quick 25 lbs”.  I think words are very powerful and most of us don’t realize it.   The word lose and fat are words that I put in the “downer category”.  I don’t use these words unless I am describing the actual adipose tissue (aka FAT), not the person.   My second thought was, does anybody actually falls for these emails? I am not sure, I hope not.

But in any event, losing weight is not what we should be aiming for, we should be aiming to gain fitness, health, and happiness.  Just think about that for a moment what do you rather do, lose or gain?

So if you are new to CrossFit remember that losing weight should not be your primary goal.  Your primary goal should be getting fitter, getting healthier, getting happier. Measure your progress based on how you stronger you are getting, how you feel and how your clothes fit.  Forget the damn scale.

This morning I met a member that has been crossfitting with us for about 3 weeks and she was telling me how happier and fitter she feels.  That is what we do at SCCF, that is our mission and we love to hear stories like that.  Please, share them with us, and share them with your friends.

Many  workout, only a few actually train…   we train!!

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