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Thursday 03.14.13

A recent article on, what else?  Sugar,  summarizes the reasons why you should not be eating sugar.   It is addictive,  it tastes soo good,  but it is sooooo bad..   here are 9 reasons (according to the article) why we should stop eating sugar...

1. Added Sugar Supplies a Large Amount of Fructose
2. Sugar Doesn’t Contain Any Vitamins or Minerals (Empty Calories)
3. Sugar Causes Deposition of Fat in The Liver
4. Sugar Harms Your Cholesterol and Triglycerides
5. Sugar Causes Insulin Resistance
6. Sugar Raises Your Risk of Western Diseases
7. Sugar Doesn’t Cause Proper Satiety
8. Sugar is Addictive
9. Sugar Causes Resistance to a Hormone Called Leptin

To see the whole article click here.

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