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Saturday 02.02.13

As our beloved Forty Niners get ready to kick some Raven Ass this weekend, there is a couple of stats that nobody is talking about...   food stats.

As reported by USA today, during Superbowl weekend

  • 1st- where Super Bowl ranks in terms of home parties.  It is even bigger than New Year's Eve.
  • 2nd- Where the Super Bowl ranks in food consumption
  • 17- The average number of partiers at each Super Bowl Party.
  • 8 million pounds of of popcorn people will eat
  • 14,000 The tons of chips that they will eat
  • 111 Millions Gallons of Beer
  • 4,400,000 the number of Pizzas Pizza Hut and Domino's Pizza expect to sell during the Super Bowl

With those numbers,  make sure you don't get in the game of binge eating while the Niners are kicking some butt!!   Enjoy the weekend.



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