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Monday 03.11.13

I went running in Marin today,  it was a glorious day.  At the end of the run we stopped for breakfast in Sausalito.   We found this man balancing rocks; he is very skillful and interesting.   I sat down and took a few pictures and made me think that finding balance is something we all should attempt to do.  Weather it is CrossFit, our jobs, families, or relationships; we are always trying to find a balance.   Over the years in my personal life and at work (being a consultant) I learned that the biggest misconception of all is: A balanced person is good at everything.   However the truth is that a balanced person is good at prioritizing.

Think about what is most important for you to accomplish, and why. How can you make the most of your time  and energy in order to reach your goals? What is the benefit of focusing on these few things? Does it give you more time with your family?  This is what Crossfit has done for me.   It gives me a great workout but it also has freed my time tremendously.   Long gone are the days when I used to train  Saturday and Sunday ALL DAY to get ready for a race.  Have you noticed that since you started to Crossfit, you have found more time in your day to devote to other important things thus helping you to find your  balance?


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