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Monday 02.24.14

Conventional wisdom seems to be that fame, money, and the good life can come overnight. The success of tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley seems to happen from the thin air, just last week Facebook bought Whatsupp for $19 Billion.  Even the reality singing competitions (American Idol, The Voice etc) show how one person can go from nothing to fame.   But the reality is that these people work hard to get where they are, we just don’t see it.  The truly good life—which comes from reaching your best and possessing a sense of fulfillment—cannot happen simply because you want it. You can’t pull it out of a hat; it can’t happen overnight.

Therefore, if you only give half of yourself, you only become half of who you’re supposed to be. We all need practice, and the more we practice the better we become at something and the more progress we make.  HGX is a great place to practice to give it your all.   If you give it your all, you will get a PR, that PR will make you feel awesome, that feeling will only strengthen your will.  That feeling is transferrable to other areas of your life, including work.   So give it your all, start at the gym.

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