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fun da men tal |ˌfəndəˈmentl|
forming a necessary base or core; of central importance

After nearly 8 months, we are reintroducing our beginner's program, now titled the Fundamentals Series. These classes run in a sequential 12 class format that will introduce, and/or refresh all the building blocks and basic movements that you need to know. The curriculum is designed to develop proper movement patterns, motor control and confidence for success in our Level 1 group classes.

The reality is we all need to work on mastering the basics, and we hope that many of our existing SCCF family members, will consider dropping in on a session to fine tune your skills. With this purpose in mind, we will post an outline of the schedule at the gym, so you can better decide which class would be time well spent.

As for Newbies, and people interested in training at our facility, the Fundamentals Series is a requirement that must be met, in order to attend our other class offerings. Here's the skinny:

- Monday, Wednesday, Friday, @ 6 to 7pm

- New Client is welcome to try any "Fundamentals" class, free of charge

- After that, we require a 12 session commitment which must be completed with a PASSING grade. We are looking for clients who will commit to us, and most importantly, themselves.

- 12 sessions take 4 weeks to complete, but we know schedules are tight and life happens, so we give you 60 days (2 cycles) to finish.

- Cost: $200

Please remember, especially those of you that just joined us, that this is not designed to be a painful barrier of entry. This program is in place to improve the safety, efficacy, and longevity of your training!

- SCCF Staff

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