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Be a judge!!

We need your help and support This Saturday, December 14th several of your fellow members (Kim, Devon, Josh and Ashton )and coaches ( Bre, Lisa Patrick and Nicole) are competing at the 2013 Reindeer Games
The event starts at 8:00 am until it finishes and will be at CrossFit Adventure in Concord

There will be 56 teams (2 men/ 2 women) with 3 divisions.There will be 4 WOD's + 1 that will be announced the day of the competition.
Each team will be required to provide a judge and/or volunteer from your affiliate to help our event run smoothly. If we fail to do so, then we will not be allowed to compete. Judges will need to know CrossFit Standards when judging.
So can anyone please please please be a judge/volunteer ? You will need to be there at 7 AM through most of the day. These let Bre if your instant. Thx

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It's not going to be easy, it's going to be worth it.


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