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HomeGrown CrossFit - Level 1 Group Class

Remember there is not 6:30pm class on Fridays

A: Ring Dips (R+ 8reps, Rx6reps, Scaled 6reps w/band)

1a) 3 Rounds not for time

Paused Strict Ring Dips (3 count pause in bottom, 3 count pause at lockout

R+ (add wt if 8 UB with pauses is too easy)

-Rest 1min

Overhead Squat (3 Jerk Grip BTN Push Press + 2 Jerk Grip OHS )

1b) 3 Rounds

-heaviest possible

-Rest 1min

*1a&1b means alternate 1a and 1b until done

B: Metcon (Time)

7 Rounds

4 T&G Power Clean & Push Jerks (begin @ R+155/105, Rx125/85#)

Run 200m

Strict Pull-ups (R+4 ,Rx2, Scaled 5 w/ band)

Bar MU (R+3, Rx1, Scaled 0)

Rest 1:00 after each round

*Increase load R+10#, Rx5# each round until you cannot complete 4 reps, then lower weight by 10# and use for the remainder of the workout.

*25min time cap

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