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A. : Metcon (Time)

Happy Easter!

Eggtastic WOD - For Time

Teams of 2

500m run together & the EGG

100 Push ups - partner planks with egg on back

100 DB alt lunges -partner hollow hold with egg on stomach

100 Box Jump (hold egg while jumping)

100 KB swing - partner holds egg on legs with legs elevated 2 or 3 inches.

100 Ring rows - Partner holds a superman with egg on back

100 Partner Sit ps - passing the egg to each other.

500m run together & the EGG

* If you break the egg it is 20 synchro burpees if you put the egg down at any time it is 20 synchro burpees *every time* and if we need to replace the broken egg.

DB (R+50/35, Rx 40/25)

KB (R+53/35, Rx 44/26)

Box (R+24/20, Rx 20/16)

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