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more is sometimes better

I know we’ve said it before, and it’s a work in progress, but we are going to get better at getting more content up, especially with guest contributions, the new “meet a member” column, and a weekly recipe post. As always, our #1 priority is quality training, education and programming, which have filled our plates over the last 18 months way beyond our expectations. For that, we thank you!

So our 1st official post in over a month, has been brewing for a while, and it is to announce the formal launch of our Kids and Endurance training programs.  Based off the CrossFit Kids, and CrossFit Endurance templates, SCCF is now offering our own brand of fun to two new sets of populations in need of some attention.  Kids classes are available to ages 5 to 14, and the Endurance program is open to the experienced triathlete and/or the person looking to run their first 10k.  Both regimens are specific in their targets, dose, frequency, and expectations. For more information, please contact:

- SCCF Kids: Heather Roberson heather1@sancarloscrossfit.com

- SCCF Endurance: Luis Velasquez luis@sancarloscrossfit.com

and for more details on our Summer SCCF Kids Camp CLICK HERE

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