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A: Metcon (No Measure)


Warmup: 2rds

10 x Shoulder/Chest rotation with small plates (Each Arm)

10 x Banded pull aparts

10 x Push-ups

PART A) Chest

100 Reps Floor Press: DB’s 60/45, 50/35#

When you break, complete the following;

10 IRON CROSS plate – Tempo 3:1 (Start overhead, slowly lower to parallel to floor. ELBOWS locked out), keep midline engaged

After completion - Immediately to the following;

4 x 12 WB Push-ups

4 x 12 WB Push-ups (Feet on WB)

TIME CAP 30min

"IF" you finish under the time cap: Max effort ABMAT Situps

Rest: 3min

PART B) Shoulders/Biceps


50m Farmers Carry (60/45, 50/35)

25m Single Arm OH carry (Right side)

25m Single Arm OH carry (Left side)

"21" Bicep Curls

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