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A: Metcon (2 Rounds for weight)

Barbell Conditioning (Deload)
2 Rounds


Hang Power Clean + Shoulder to overhead

Rest 2 min between rounds and increase weight after each set. All sets MUST be done unbroken. rest as needed between sets

Example:15 HPC+15 S2OH,(Add weight) 10 HPC+10 S2OH, (Add weight)5 HPC+5 S2OH then rest 2 min and go back to your first weight and go again.

15min time Cap

Goal: Focus on going unbroken on working on quality reps. Good movement and breathing is more important than speed or overall timing on this.

The load on this piece should be taken by feel. Remember this is a deload week so stick with weights that meet the required stimulus of unbroken sets while also working on solid technique

*record barbell loads

B: Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds
25m Double Front Rack DB Waking Lunge (R+50/35, Rx40/25) (outside 12.5m down, 12.5m back)

75 Double Unders 150

30 Alt Single DB Snatch

*Goal: 12-15:00

Cap: 20 min

This one will be about managing heart rate and fatigue so move smooth early and leave yourself enough of a kick at the end

DB FRONT RACK LUNGES: Each front rack lunge begins with the DB in the front rack postion, the feet together, and the athlete standing tall. The trailing knee must make contact with the ground at the bottom of each lunge. The rep ends with the athlete standing tall with the hips and knees fully extended. Stopping with both feet together on the ground is not required, but both legs must be fully extended if the athlete chooses to step through at the top. The athlete must alternate which foot leads for each rep.

75 DU

150 single unders

15/10 cal bike

DB SNATCH: The dumbbell snatch starts with the dumbbell on

the ground and finishes with the dumbbell directly

overhead. At the bottom of the movement, BOTH heads of the dumbbell must touch the ground.

The dumbbell must be lifted overhead in one

motion. Bouncing OR DROPPING the dumbbell is not allowed. Athletes

must alternate arms after each repetition. The non-lifting hand and arm may not be in contact

with the body during the repetition. At the top, the arms, hips, and knees must

be fully locked out with the dumbbell clearly over the middle of the athlete’s body when viewed

from profile. Once the athlete has reached lockout, the repetition will count. The athlete may

choose to do a muscle snatch, power snatch,

squat snatch or split-style snatch. However, both

feet must return and be in line under the athlete’s

body while the dumbbell is locked out overhead

for the repetition to count.

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