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A: Warm-up (No Measure)

:20 On / 10 Off

3 Rounds

Line Hops

Shoulder Taps

Air Squats


Then - 1 Round

PVC Snatch Warm-up

10 Pass Throughs

10 Snatch grip push press

10 Snatch Balances

10 Overhead Squats

B: Snatch (Week 1/12 - 5 Sets)

(Halt Sq Snatch below knee + Sq Snatch)

Sets 1-2 : 2+1 Reps @60%

Sets 3-4 : 1+ 1 Reps @65%

Set 5 : 1+1 Reps @70%

- Rest 1ish minutes B/T Sets

*% are Based off 1RM Snatch

*Squat Snatch are NOT touch and go, reset after each

The Halt Snatch is a great exercise to work on strengthening positions, learning how to assign tension properly and train the timing aspect of the arms and how that relates to the transition into your overhead squat.

A common error in Snatch technique is letting our hips rise BEFORE our shoulders. We don’t want to pull the Snatch from the floor with our arms or back.

Think about it like a leg press, where you’re really pushing with the legs to initiate the movement so shoulders and hips rise together

C: Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

EMOM for 18:00 (6 Rounds)

Min 1: 8 Double DB Devil Press (R+50/35, Rx 40/25)

Min 2: 8 Bar Muscle-ups

Min 3: 18/14 Calorie Row

R+: As Prescribed

Rx: 6 Double DB Devil Press / 6 BMU / 15/12 Cal Row

Scaled: 5 Devil Press 35/15# / 5 Pull-ups / 12/9 Calorie Row

Goal: BMU should be unbroken throughout. This will be a high heart rate piece throughout so try and manage fatigue by moving efficiently on every movement. Pick a steady pace on the rower ski or Bike that will allow you to use to transitions straight to the devil press and start them right away. Remember if you are over :50 on any movement within the first couple of minutes, scale the reps but only scale each movements once during the EMOM

Machine Subs:

Ski/ Same

Bike: 16/12 Calorie

Run: 200m

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