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A: Metcon (Time)

10 Rounds For Time
3 Power Clean and Jerks (R+135/95, Rx 115/75)

6 Ring Dips

9 Kettlebell Swings (R+53/35, Rx44/26)


Decrease load vs. reps. Keep it at 3.

Hang C&J (for simplicity or injury)

Injury: Only Clean or Only Jerk / Seated DB Curl

RING DIP( <:30)
Decrease reps as low as 3

Negatives with a :30 descent (jump back up)

Ring Dip w/ feet on the floor (still working hard)

Push-Up (toes or knees)

Decrease the load

Injury: decrease height of pull

A sneaky one! Lots of rounds, but quick rounds.

This is a 10:00-15:00 workout.

Each round is designed to be completed in ~:1:00 and NOT exceed :90 when fatigued.

The challenge will be to hold sub 1:00 rounds for TEN rounds.

Yep, those Ring Dips are going to come back fast! It’s a very "Chief"-esq kind of workout. Sneaky little sucker!

The score for this workout is the time it takes to complete all 10 rounds.


Moderate-light loading for 3 reps. Completed in ~:15

The load selection should allow for unbroken repetitions every round with quality movement.


Welcome back old friend!

We recommend being judicious on how we approach the Ring Dip. Yes, it’s a low number per round (only 6), but coupled with unfamiliarity and speed, they could create some issues for our athletes in later days. It is 60 Ring Dips total.

To do 6 repetitions every round, an athlete should have a strong set of 10 strict rings dips. If not, they may get caught spending too much time here. Suggest they scale to a number that can be performed unbroken for the majority of the 10 rounds, but if they do break it up they can still complete all reps in ~:20

If we are limited on rings per athlete, we can substitute for a deficit push-up or regular push-up. We are looking to recreate a deeper press.


American style swings – finish overhead

Light and completed in under :30 – no breaks for this movement.

B: Metcon (No Measure)


Midline Stamina

3 Rounds [6 Minutes Total]:

30 Side Plank (Each Side)

30 Second Plank Shoulder Taps

30 Second Arch Hold

OR…Group Stretch.

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