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A: Metcon (Time)

In teams of 4

1-10 ladder of DB Thrusters (R+55/35, Rx 45/25) and KBS (R+53/35, Rx44/26)

P1 does 1 KBS

P2 does 1 DBT

P3 does 1 KBS

P4 does 1 DBT

Only one person can work at a time and the wt must never be put down or the team will have to start at rep 1. Then:

P1 does 2 KBS

P2 does 2 DBT

P3 does 2 KBS

P4 does 2 DBT

continue until team reaches 10 reps. Then if you where KBS you switch to DBT and if you where DBT switch to KBS and do the whole thing again

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