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By popular demand,  the meat share is back...

We have grassfed meat being delivered to the gym shorty   Get yours, quantity is limited and there is a deadline for ordering..

How it works!!

  1. Order yours  by signing your name at the gym, we know you could sign your name like a doctor (no offense to doctors, but we need to read your name).
  2. The packages will be a combination of ground beef and different cuts.  The price per pound is $6.00, the “packages” will be in 20#’s increments. There is also a “specialty” package that contains a combination of beef/pork/and lamb.  The price for this 20#’s is $150.00.
  3. Pay in advance with check or cash (if paid by CC, we need to add a $5.00 surcharge) to deal with CC expenses, we do not make any profit from the meat share so please help us to minimize your costs and ours.
  4. Be available to pick up your meat the day of delivery,  if you are NOT available, please have someone to pick up your meat.  We will not be able to store your meat at the gym.



Check out Rudy Rubio sweating through the Barbell landmines Twists...


We all have our own reasons for doing CrossFit; the competition, the community, the consistent challenge, or the results, the list can go on and on.  The point is we all found CrossFit for most likely similar reasons; however we all have our own reasons for continuing.  Why did you start CrossFit and why do you keep coming back for more?


One of the classic movements in CF is the box jump..  If done correctly,  these are an incredible tool to develop stamina, endurance.  Other benefits include  -strength, -flexibility, -speed, -power, -coordination, -balance.   However you have to be very careful in your way down as some of our athletes have found that the sudden and forceful shin/box encounter can be very painful.



Check out the athletes of our current fundamental's series.  These guys are super motivated,  expect big things coming out of this class.  Awesome guys and girls..  keep up the good work..  and remember,  it never gets easier.. you just get stronger!!

It's not going to be easy, it's going to be worth it.


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