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This past weekend the SCCF Endurance Team went to run the Stinson Beach trail run.  This happened to be Lloyds first trail run.  We picked the 25K which was also pretty hard because of the elevation change,  check the elevation profile here,  it was brutal.  25k with about 3k+ of elevation gain is not joke.   Lloyd did awesome and so did Oliver, Jim and Luis...   The endurance team will go on a hiatus for a couple of weeks,  but big things are planned for the future.

Why would you want to run trails?  very simple-  There is a reduced risk of injury: The soft, ever-varying surface of the trail lessens the likelihood of an overuse injury, strengthens core muscles, and ultimately makes for more comfortable long runs than asphalt, in other words, it is like running on pillows.  Then, there is  rush that road running just can’t give you;  a quantifiably-greater endorphin release than does breathing in roadside fumes an a different appreciation of yourself and nature.    Right Lloyd?



We are soooo rooting for our SF Giants..   Come on boys,  make it sweet and awesome for us and long and painful for the Tigers.  Just two more to go...  way to go Giants...


A long time ago, in junior High school,  I got an F in English,  I got my card home and my parents were a bit upset about this F.   The next day,  my dad came with a sledge hammer and took me to a piece of land we used to own.   He gave me the sledge hammer and told me to start hammering big rocks in the property.  I was upset and I didn't want to do it, but he made me do it anyway.  I was hurting, I barely could hold a  glass of water after a couple of hours of hammering.  He told me  "this is what you will be doing the rest of your life if you don't study and do well"...   I learned my lesson and never had an F again. My dad is a very wise man...



One of the misconceptions about crossfit is that it is hardcore elite fitness.  Just the description in the main page about how it was developed for the British elite forces really makes “regular” people afraid of what it might be.    But what if you are not a member of the elite armed forces, a member of the swat team or gifted athlete..   What if you, like the 99% of us, are a regular guy, a mere mortal?..     What if you are suffering from a disease that is actually threatening your life, your well being, whether it is diabetes, a brain tumor, cancer etc.   Could you CrossFit?

The short answer is yes… the long answer is OOOHHYYYEEAAA!!

I have seen remarkable transformations at SCCF over the last two years, including my own. People have come to SCCF completely out of shape and now they are incredible athletes.   Do you remember your first workout?  How did you feel about it?  How do you feel about it now?.   Most importantly, I have experienced or I am experiencing an unexpected bonus.

As you know, I am a brain tumor survivor and just recently had my regular checkup..  it turns out that my brain tumor is back and in a week, I will have  yet another brain surgery.    But here is the bonus, the size of the tumor is big that it should have given me some major symptoms by now, yet I am experiencing none. Why?… because I am in good health, and I push myself physically all the time.   It was as if the brain scan wasn't mine…  and I wish it wasn't… CrossFit will not only get you in the best shape of your life,  it will also keep you there.

I saw a video about “what is your excuse” and it really hit home because we usually have a million excuses for not working out.   And I truly believe that our health and happiness have no price and we should put them in the front line   Being fit and happy is the best thing you can do for yourself, and for the ones you love. Being fit and happy will affect the way you feel, the way others feel about you and most importantly….  It will keep you healthier.

It does not matter where you are right now; keep challenging yourself and you will experience what I have experienced….   Happiness, fitness and health…


Today we do Snatch Push Presses...   be careful lowering the weight on your neck..   Please check the following website as they break down the safest way to lower the weight from different positions.


It's not going to be easy, it's going to be worth it.


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