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Who says that Paleo food is boring...  check out these paleo muffins...   Paleo eating is awesome and there is plenty of info out there to make it fun and delicious.   Check the recipe for that sweet paleo treat here.

A couple of other websites that will give you ideas about paleo eating are listed below




A few months ago,  I picked up a book (Mindless eating by Brian Wansick).  Just the introduction was eye opening.   Here is  the first paragraph  "All of us- eat.... and we eat based on what is around us.   Most of us overeat not because of hunger but because of family and friends,  packages and plates, names and numbers, labels and lights, colors and candles, shapes and smells, distractions and distances, cupboards and containers. The list is almost at endless as it it is invisible".

It was an eye opener,  like everything else we do, eating and snacking is determined by our environment and we usually don't pay attention much why make the choices we make at the dinner table.

One thing that did grab my attention and I have been practicing is the use of smaller plates to reduce my portion size.   One small portion looks bigger in a smaller plate.   You eat with your eyes and sometimes they will confuse you.   To prove the point, check out the cartoon below...

What do you think?


This week is about nutrition and how it can help you achieve your goals.    We are fans of the Paleo Diet because it works.  I personally had a great experience with the Paleo Diet myself (read it here).  But I am not the only one that have had great results when combining a great nutrition, the WOD and the attitude of "yes I can".

If you have some time to learn more about the Paleo diet, check this video by Robb Wolf,  I learned a lot from this video.  (PS... this video has an advertisement at the beginning, just click "skip this add" to go directly to the juicy stuff)


8 Reasons Boomers Should Try CrossFit

I recently came across this great article about why Baby boomers should CrossFit.  I copied the 8 reasons below,  but you should read the whole article here

1. You can start at zero.
2. You’ll skyrocket your metabolism.
3. You’ll tone all over (but don’t have to get bulky).
4. You can start slow.
5. It’ll give a boost to your social life.
6. You’ll become a better parent.
7. It keeps joints happy.
8. You’ll reduce your risk of injury.


Warming up is a preparatory phase that most athletes do, or should.  Don't skip this,  warming up is actually one of the most efficient ways to ensure we avoid injuring ourselves (which can in itself prove a large set back for our training goals).


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