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A: Metcon (Weight)

20Min CAP
Back: 4 movements. Complete 5 x 8 before moving to next position

BB Wide grip Bent Over Rows at 45 degree angle – 5 x 8 (pull towards lower chest)

BB Yates Bent Over Rows at 60 degree angle (Supinated grip) – 5 x 8 (pull towards lower abs)

DB Single Arm Rows - 5 x 8 (pull towards waist)

Immediately into "burnout"…. Max effort with remaining time.

Banded Bent Over Lat Pulls (red, blue or green)


B: Metcon (No Measure)

KABATA STYLE – Focusing on Static training (Static Holds) – 12min

20s on / 10s static hold (4rds per movement) X2 cycles

• Front Delt Raises

• Side Delt Raises

• Shoulder 2 Overhead

• Bent Over Rows

• Bicep Curls

• Push-ups (static hold = 1" plank)

*** We are using "light" weights due to the static holds. Empty BB or small plates.

20s of work/reps – DO NOT go out HOT!! Maintain a good pace, break when needed

10s of "Static Hold"

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